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note to photographers

It's hard enough on photographers today to earn a living as a photographer when you have to compete with anyone who can afford a DSLR. We wanted to take a page on the site to acknowledge the true professionals whose work appears on these pages.

When Mark and I began working on this website almost 10 months ago, we quickly realized that providing enough images and video to document events that happened in some cases more than 30 years ago was going to present a pretty daunting task. Not to mention that a lot of shooting was done in "portrait mode" which was great for magazines but doesn't work for a website.

We found video footage in p-cardboard boxes in Mark's Mom’s home and converted them to digital, and then spent hundreds of hours restoring them as best we could. We combed through thousands of photos that had been in boxes for decades, and scoured the internet (bearing in mind that there was no internet when Mark competed in his first few Ironman events) for photos to re-create the images we would need for this site. Finally, some great friends spent time combing their archives to help us find the images that would become a part of documenting a legacy that had never before been presented in its entirety.

While we tried to attribute the images in these pages correctly, we know we missed a lot of photographers who deserve to have their work acknowledged. This page exists for those photographers who’s images appear on these pages so that we may acknowledge them, thank them for their contribution, and provide our readers with contact information should they require their services, or would just like to purchase some of the defining images of the early days of the sport.

If you see an image of yours here in these pages that is unattributed please know it is not by omission, rather by our inability to identify and contact the photographers who originally shot these. In light of that we offer anyone who finds one of their shots in these many pages two options:

  1. We can list you and your website on this page.
  2. We can remove your image from the site. Just email us here: info@markallencoaching.com

jero honda photography

website: www.tf.com


david epperson photography


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