”use pressure to focus energy"


No matter what any triathlete, article or book tells you, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" training program. Age, experience and life circumstances can make the “ideal” training program look very different year to year even for the same person! Of course a wise starting plan must be put in place. But from there, the signs along the road of training will tell you how that needs to be modified if it will ever evolve into the truly ideal training that gets you to your goals!

Setting the course is somewhat easy! Putting a season’s training program together was a skill I refined until it was second nature. What great coaching can do with that is make sure that the “ideal” does not override the “reality”. No one will ever be able to predict how life is going to influence and demand changes in your training until you start and see what happens.

In the early years without the voice of a coach I just stuck to my training that I wrote into my logbook, with results that were not ideal! No one was there to tell me when I needed to back off to get extra rest and recovery. I didn’t have a coach to help me assess what level of “tired” was to be expected and what was out of the ordinary requiring a significant evolution in my schedule.

I needed a coach to be the voice of reason and take what I was feeling and modify the strategy based on that. When you can do that, the original base program turns into a dynamic ever-evolving high-performance training program that indeed becomes ideal!

A good coach should have some experience racing, training and coaching. The higher the level they competed in, the more experience they've gained. Once you've found them, they become a kind of human lie detector test. First of all, whatever you're experience, you may look in the mirror at 5am and you may be seeing the situation through our all too familiar "rose colored glasses" and tell yourself you feel great and ready to roll. We can give you the mental tools to realistically energy. Is it a day to tough it out, or a day to grab the remote? Having someone in your corner who has done everything there is to do in triathlon to ask, rather than guess, is probably the one stone I left unturned in my own training. Of course back in the "old days" there were no coaches, if there were you can be sure I would have had one.

A coach can help you evolve your training to be ideal by:

  1. Helping you adapt your training as you both see how you are responding to it.
  2. Being the voice of reason and experience if life’s demands require any significant modifications to your training.
  3. Because I enjoy helping others unravel the intricacies in theirphysical and mental preparation that can take their experience in triathlons from good to great to life changing.

These are the perspectives that great coaching will bring. Why take six years to gain them when you can do have them at your fingertips today? If you have any questions on the direction you want to go this season, feel free to email us at support@markallencoaching.com and we will take a look at what you are considering and give our thoughts.