Focus is ever-changing when following a moving target. Excellence is a moving target.”
~  Mark Allen


Unless you're a full time professional, or a member of a National Team, you have a life that probably includes at least forty-hours a week at work, additional family commitments before and after that, and a whole list of priorities that are not about training. And even though having a great experience in the sport can be a priority, many triathletes train in ways that hinder the chance of success in all of areas of their life! But a coach can help you create a balance that increases the chance of success in every single area of your life, including in your races

The person with the least objective view on where your triathlon fitness is at and how much progress you are actually making is always you. How many times have you felt like you needed to do more training when in reality you needed someone to be there to help you rein it in? How many times have you changed the course of your schedule because someone else was doing something different?

A coach would have been able to give you the confidence to stay the wiser course that was going to give you the results you were after!

Do you have a job? Likely yes! Do you have a family? Possibly, and even if you don't there are likely lots of people in your life that you devote a lot of time to. How will you mesh your goals in triathlons with these pieces that are also very important to keep healthy?

This is the matrix of knowledge that great coaching can bring to your training.

It took me fifteen years of competing in triathlons as my life evolved from an individual athlete to a husband to a father and then to being a business owner to really learn how to fulfill my dreams in all of those areas at the same time. A good coach should have some experience racing, training and coaching. The higher the level they competed in, the more experience they've gained. Once you've found them, they become a kind of human lie detector test. First of all, whatever you're experience, you may look in the mirror at 5am and you may be seeing the situation through our all too familiar "rose colored glasses" and tell yourself you feel great and ready to roll. We can give you the mental tools to realistically energy. Is it a day to tough it out, or a day to grab the remote? Having someone in your corner who has done everything there is to do in triathlon to ask, rather than guess, is probably the one stone I left unturned in my own training. Of course back in the "old days" there were no coaches, if there were you can be sure I would have had one.

A coach can help you navigate the matrix called life:

  1. Looking at triathlon and life as a whole, not two separate entities that must compliment each other.
  2. Building a training program that is focused yet realistic.
  3. Guiding you and educating you from a knowledge and experience base that has been learned over time so that you can maximize your training time.

These are the perspectives that great coaching will bring. Why take six years to gain them when you can do have them at your fingertips today?

If you have any questions on the direction you want to go this season, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will take a look at what you are considering and give our thoughts.